Western Fiction

A fiction genre including stories, books, and poems set primarily in the later half of the 19th century in the American Old West.
A Texas MatchmakerAndy Adams
AlcatrazMax Brand
Betty ZaneZane Grey
Black JackMax Brand
Bull HunterMax Brand
Cattle BrandsAndy Adams
Gunmans ReckoningMax Brand
Prairie FolksHamlin Garland
Rebel SpursAndre Norton
Reed Anthony, CowmanAndy Adams
Ride Proud RebelAndre Norton
Riders of the Purple SageZane Grey
Riders of the SilencesMax Brand
Ronicky DooneMax Brand
Tales of Lonely TrailsZane Grey
The Border LegionZane Grey
The Call of the CanyonZane Grey
The Day of the BeastZane Grey
The Garden of EdenMax Brand
The Heritage of the DesertZane Grey
The Last of the PlainsmenZane Grey
The Last TrailZane Grey
The Light of the Western StarsZane Grey
The Log of a CowboyAndy Adams
The Lone Star RangerZane Grey
The Man of the ForestZane Grey
The Mysterious RiderZane Grey
The Night HorsemanMax Brand
The OutletAndy Adams
The Rainbow TrailZane Grey
The Rangeland AvengerMax Brand
The Redheaded Outfield and Other Baseball StoriesZane Grey
The Rustlers of Pecos CountyZane Grey
The Seventh ManMax Brand
The Spirit of the BorderZane Grey
The U. P. TrailZane Grey
The UntamedMax Brand
The Young ForesterZane Grey
The Young PitcherZane Grey
To the Last ManZane Grey
TrailinMax Brand
Way of the LawlessMax Brand
Wells Brothers The Young Cattle KingsAndy Adams
WildfireZane Grey