1870 -1916

Saki Biography

Saki (born Hector Hugh Munro) was a British writer and journalist known for his wit and satire. He was born in Akyab, Burma (now Myanmar) in 1870 and spent his childhood in England, Scotland, and India. He began his career as a journalist in London, writing for various newspapers and magazines.

In 1900, Saki began writing fiction and quickly gained a reputation for his sharp wit and biting satire. His short stories often featured eccentric characters and were filled with irony and dark humor. He published several collections of short stories, including "Reginald" (1904), "Reginald in Russia" (1910), and "The Chronicles of Clovis" (1911).

Saki's most popular character was Reginald, a witty and urbane young man who often found himself in humorous situations. His stories were widely read and appreciated during his lifetime and continue to be popular today.

Saki's writing career was cut short when he was killed in action during World War I in 1916. He is remembered as one of the greatest British short story writers of the early 20th century.

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