Ralph Waldo Trine

Ralph Waldo Trine

Ralph Waldo Trine
1866 -1958

Ralph Waldo Trine Biography

Ralph Waldo Trine (1866-1958) was an American philosopher, writer, and mystic who is best known for his influential self-help book "In Tune with the Infinite" (1897), which sold over two million copies and was widely read in the early 20th century.

Born in Illinois, Trine studied at the University of Wisconsin and later became a teacher, writer, and editor for various publications. He was deeply interested in the power of the mind and the connection between spirituality and success, and he wrote extensively on these topics throughout his life.

Trine's other notable works include "What All the World's A-Seeking" (1896), "The Greatest Thing Ever Known" (1899), and "The Man Who Knew" (1908). He also served as president of the International New Thought Alliance and was a popular lecturer on the lecture circuit.

Trine's writings emphasized the idea that individuals have the power to shape their own lives through the power of positive thinking, visualization, and a strong connection to the divine. His ideas were influential in the development of the New Thought movement, which sought to combine spirituality and practical success strategies.

Trine died in 1958 at the age of 91.

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