Percival Wilde

Percival Wilde

Percival Wilde
1887 -1953

Percival Wilde Biography

Percival Wilde (1887-1953) was an American playwright, novelist, and short story writer. He was born in New York City and grew up in a wealthy family. He attended Columbia University, where he studied literature and theater.

Wilde began his writing career as a journalist, but soon turned to fiction and drama. His early works were often satirical and dealt with social and political issues. His most successful play, "The Dancing Girl," was first produced in 1923 and ran for over 500 performances on Broadway. He also wrote several novels, including "Portrait of a Gentleman," and many short stories that were published in magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post and Collier's Weekly.

Wilde was known for his sharp wit and his ability to capture the nuances of human behavior in his writing. His work often dealt with themes of ambition, desire, and the corrupting influence of power. In addition to his writing, Wilde was an avid traveler and a collector of rare books and manuscripts.

Wilde's later years were marked by personal tragedy and financial difficulties. He suffered from a series of strokes that left him partially paralyzed, and his wife died in 1948. Despite these challenges, he continued to write until his death in 1953.

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