Mildred Aldrich

Mildred Aldrich

Mildred Aldrich
1853 -1928

Mildred Aldrich Biography

Mildred Aldrich (1853-1928) was an American author and journalist. Born in Providence, Rhode Island, she began her career as a reporter for a local newspaper before moving to Paris in 1887. While in Paris, she wrote for various newspapers and magazines, including the New York World and the Boston Evening Transcript. She also began writing fiction, publishing her first novel, "The Flight of Pony Baker," in 1895.

In 1899, Aldrich purchased a small cottage in the village of Houghton in the Loire Valley, France. She named it "La Griotte" and spent the next 28 years there, writing and entertaining American and European literary figures. Her memoir, "A Hilltop on the Marne," published in 1915, described her life in Houghton and became a bestseller.

Aldrich's writing often focused on the expatriate experience and the relationship between Americans and Europeans. She was a close friend of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas and was also known for her wit and humor. She died in Houghton in 1928 and is buried in the village cemetery.

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