Josephine Daskam Bacon

Josephine Daskam Bacon

Josephine Daskam Bacon
1876 -1961

Josephine Daskam Bacon Biography

Josephine Daskam Bacon (1876-1961) was an American author and journalist. She was born in Stamford, Connecticut, and graduated from Smith College in 1898. After graduation, she worked as a teacher and journalist before becoming a full-time author.

Bacon wrote over 30 books, including novels, short stories, and non-fiction works. Some of her most notable works include the novel "The Little Sister of the Rich" and her autobiography "The Story of a Writer's Life." She also wrote several books for children and young adults, including the popular "Sammy and Susie Littletail" series.

Bacon's writing often dealt with the lives and experiences of women and children, and she was known for her strong and independent female characters. She was also a feminist and advocated for women's rights in her writing and public speaking.

Bacon was active in the literary community, and was a member of several literary organizations including the National League of American Pen Women and the Women's National Press Club. She was also a member of the National Institute of Arts and Letters.

Bacon died on 1961 in Stamford, Connecticut.

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