Georg Ebers

Georg Ebers

Georg Ebers
1837 -1898

Georg Ebers Biography

Georg Ebers was a German Egyptologist and novelist, born in 1837 in Berlin, Germany. He studied at the University of Berlin and later at the University of Leipzig, where he earned a doctorate in Egyptology. Ebers was a pioneer in the field of Egyptology, and his research focused on the ancient Egyptian language and literature.

In addition to his academic work, Ebers was also a successful novelist. He wrote over 50 novels, many of which were set in ancient Egypt and dealt with themes of love and adventure. His most famous novel, "Uarda," was published in 1877 and was a best-seller in Germany.

Ebers' work as an Egyptologist and novelist earned him international recognition and he was elected as a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Berlin. He died in 1898 in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Ebers’ Egyptological works were largely focused on the translation of hieroglyphs, and his novels were popular enough to be translated into many languages. His legacy in Egyptology is still remembered through his books which are considered as a classic in the field of Egyptology.

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