Flora Annie Steel

Flora Annie Steel

Flora Annie Steel
1847 -1929

Flora Annie Steel Biography

Flora Annie Steel was a British writer and social reformer born on April 2, 1847, in Sudbury, England. She grew up in India, where her father was a civil servant, and received a British education. She later moved back to England, where she married Henry William Steel, a civil servant in the Indian Civil Service.

In India, Steel became involved in social reform and worked to improve the lives of women and children. She also became interested in writing and began to write short stories and novels. Her first book, "The Hosts of the Lord," was published in 1900 and was a collection of stories about Indian life and culture.

Steel went on to write many more books about India, including "On the Face of the Waters," "In the Tideway," and "Red Rowans." She was known for her vivid descriptions of Indian life and her sympathetic portrayal of Indian characters.

In addition to her writing, Steel was also involved in social reform work in England. She was a member of the Women's Social and Political Union and worked to improve the conditions of women and children in England.

Flora Annie Steel died on April 12, 1929, in England, leaving behind a legacy of literary and social reform work.

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