Edwin Lester Linden Arnold

Edwin Lester Linden Arnold

Edwin Lester Linden Arnold
1857 -1935

Edwin Lester Linden Arnold Biography

Edwin Lester Linden Arnold (1857-1935) was an English author and journalist, best known for his science fiction novel "Lieutenant Gulliver Jones: His Vacation". Born in London, England, Arnold showed an early interest in writing and began writing articles and essays while still a teenager. He worked as a journalist for several newspapers, including The Daily Telegraph and The Standard, before turning his focus to fiction writing. In 1885, he published his first novel "Lieutenant Gulliver Jones: His Vacation", a science fiction work that follows the adventures of a British naval officer who travels to the moon. The novel was well received and considered a classic of its genre. Arnold continued to write fiction and non-fiction throughout his career, but is primarily remembered for his science fiction work. He passed away in 1935 at the age of 78.

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