Edward Sylvester Ellis

Edward Sylvester Ellis

Edward Sylvester Ellis
1840 -1916

Edward Sylvester Ellis Biography

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Edward Sylvester Ellis (1840-1916) was an American author who wrote adventure novels for children and young adults. He was born in Ohio and spent much of his life in New Jersey.

Ellis worked as a teacher before turning to writing full time. He wrote more than 200 books, many of which were published under pseudonyms such as "James Otis" and "Boynton M. Belknap."

Ellis's most famous works include "The Huge Hunter, or the Steam Man of the Prairies," which tells the story of a steam-powered robot that travels across the American West, and "The Boy Hunters, or Adventures in Search of a White Buffalo," which follows two young boys on a hunt for a rare white buffalo.

Ellis's writing was popular for its exciting and action-packed stories, which often featured young protagonists who went on daring adventures. His books were widely read and helped to popularize the adventure genre for children's literature in the late 19th century.

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