Edward Phillips Oppenheim

Edward Phillips Oppenheim

Edward Phillips Oppenheim
1866 -1946

Edward Phillips Oppenheim Biography

Edward Phillips Oppenheim was born on 22 October 1866 in London, England. His father Edward John Oppenheim was a leather merchant, his mother Henrietta Susannah Temperley Budd. The family moved to Leicester and Edward left school aged 16 to help in his father's leather business.

Edward's writing career began after his father's death and his first novel was published in 1887.

Oppenheim was a prolific author and by 1914 he had published over 50 works. With the outbreak of the First World War, Oppenheim was recruited to the Ministry of Information and travelled with journalists to the front in France. He fell in love with France and after the war his success as an author enabled Oppenheim to sell his business interests and move to the Côte d'Azur.

Oppenheim continued to write prolifically and by the end of his career he had published over 100 works. Edward Phillips Oppenheim died on 3 February 1946.

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