Anna Sewell

Anna Sewell

Anna Sewell
1820 -1878

Anna Sewell Biography

Anna Sewell (1820-1878) was an English author who is best known for her novel "Black Beauty," which is considered one of the most important works of animal literature. Sewell was born in Norfolk, England, and grew up in a family of devout Quakers. She suffered from a debilitating injury as a child, which left her unable to walk for the rest of her life. As a result, she relied heavily on horses for transportation and became a passionate advocate for their humane treatment.

Sewell began writing "Black Beauty" in 1871, after a publisher asked her to write a book about horses. The novel tells the story of a horse named Black Beauty, who narrates his own life from his early days as a colt through his experiences as a working horse in Victorian England. The book became an instant bestseller and is still widely read today.

Sewell died just five months after the publication of "Black Beauty," never knowing the immense impact her book would have on animal welfare. However, her novel helped to inspire a new era of concern for the welfare of animals, and it remains a beloved classic around the world.

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