Ambrose Bierce

Ambrose Bierce

Ambrose Bierce
1842 -1914

Ambrose Bierce Biography

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Ambrose Bierce was an American writer and journalist, born on June 24, 1849 in San Francisco. He is best known for his short stories, which often dealt with dark themes such as death, the macabre, and the supernatural.

Bierce grew up in a wealthy family and attended several prestigious schools, including St. Mary's College in California and Harvard University. However, he did not graduate from Harvard and instead began working as a journalist for various newspapers.

In 1872, Bierce moved to Washington D.C. where he worked as a reporter for the San Francisco Examiner. He later became the editor of the newspaper's Washington bureau. During this time, he also wrote several short stories and poems that were published in various magazines.

In 1876, Bierce moved to Europe where he continued his work as a journalist and writer. While living in Paris, he met many famous writers such as Oscar Wilde and Henry James. He also traveled extensively throughout Europe, visiting countries such as Italy, Spain, and Russia.

Bierce's writing style was characterized by its dark humor and use of irony. His short stories often dealt with themes such as death, the macabre, and the supernatural. Some of his most famous works include "The Devil and Tom Walker," "An Occasion at Racine," and "Charlie Mortensen's Restaurant."

Bierce returned to San Francisco in 1890 where he continued writing and editing for various newspapers and magazines. He also began working on a novel, which was eventually published posthumously as "The Devil's Diary."

Tragically, Bierce disappeared in 1913 while on a trip to Mexico. Despite extensive efforts to find him, he was never found and his fate remains unknown. Today, he is remembered as one of America's most influential writers and journalists.

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