Adventure Fiction

Adventure fiction is a genre focused on exciting, risky experiences and quests, featuring action, danger, and exploration in challenging environments.
A Journey to the Centre of the EarthJules Verne
A Mans WomanFrank Norris
A Tale of Three LionsH. Rider Haggard
A Voyage in a BalloonJules Verne
A Winter Amid the IceJules Verne
A Yellow GodH. Rider Haggard
Adrift in the WildsEdward Sylvester Ellis
Adrift on the PacificEdward Sylvester Ellis
Adventures in Southern SeasGeorge Forbes
Affair in ArabyTalbot Mundy
All Around the MoonJules Verne
Allan and the Holy FlowerH. Rider Haggard
Allan QuatermainH. Rider Haggard
Allans WifeH. Rider Haggard
Among the EsquimauxEdward Sylvester Ellis
An Antarctic MysteryJules Verne
Around the World in Eighty DaysJules Verne
At War with PontiacKirk Munroe
AyeshaH. Rider Haggard
Bardelys the MagnificentRafael Sabatini
BeatriceH. Rider Haggard
Bill Biddon TrapperEdward Sylvester Ellis
Black Heart and White HeartH. Rider Haggard
Blazing ArrowEdward Sylvester Ellis
Bobby of the LabradorDillon Wallace
Brave TomEdward Sylvester Ellis
Cab and CabooseKirk Munroe
Caesar DiesTalbot Mundy
Camp-fire and WigwamEdward Sylvester Ellis
Cappy RicksPeter B. Kyne
Cappy Ricks RetiresPeter B. Kyne
Captain BloodRafael Sabatini
Captain ScraggsPeter B. Kyne
Carette of SarkJohn Oxenham
Caves of TerrorTalbot Mundy
Child of StormH. Rider Haggard
Colonel Quaritch V.C.H. Rider Haggard
Danger and Other StoriesSir Arthur Conan Doyle
David BalfourRobert Louis Stevenson
DawnH. Rider Haggard
Deerfoot in The MountainsEdward Sylvester Ellis
Dick Sand A Captain at FifteenJules Verne
Eight Hundred Leagues on the AmazonJules Verne
ElissaH. Rider Haggard
Eric BrighteyesH. Rider Haggard
Facing the FlagJules Verne
Fair MargaretH. Rider Haggard
Farewell NikolaGuy Boothby
FinishedH. Rider Haggard
Five Weeks in a BalloonJules Verne
Footprints in the ForestEdward Sylvester Ellis
Godfrey MorganJules Verne
Grit A-PlentyDillon Wallace
Guns of the GodsTalbot Mundy
HuntingtowerJohn Buchan
In Search of the CastawaysJules Verne
In Strange CompanyGuy Boothby
JessH. Rider Haggard
Jimgrim and Allahs PeaceTalbot Mundy
Ken Ward in the JungleZane Grey
King - of the Khyber RiflesTalbot Mundy
King Solomon's MinesH. Rider Haggard
Left on the LabradorDillon Wallace
Love EternalH. Rider Haggard
Maid of the MistJohn Oxenham
Maiwas RevengeH. Rider Haggard
MarieH. Rider Haggard
Michael StrogoffJules Verne
Moby DickHerman Melville
Mr StandfastJohn Buchan
Off on a CometJules Verne
Phantom WiresArthur Stringer
Pharos, The EgyptianGuy Boothby
Plotting in Pirate SeasFrancis Rolt-Wheeler
Prester JohnJohn Buchan
Queen Shebas RingH. Rider Haggard
RaftmatesKirk Munroe
Rick DaleKirk Munroe
Robur the ConquerorJules Verne
Rung HoTalbot Mundy
ScaramoucheRafael Sabatini
SheH. Rider Haggard
She and AllanH. Rider Haggard
Smith and the PharaohsH. Rider Haggard
SwallowH. Rider Haggard
Tarzan of the ApesEdgar Rice Burroughs
Tarzan the TerribleEdgar Rice Burroughs
The Adventures of a Special CorrespondentJules Verne
The Ancient AllanH. Rider Haggard
The Beasts of TarzanEdgar Rice Burroughs
The Beautiful White DevilGuy Boothby
The Black ArrowRobert Louis Stevenson
The Blockade RunnersJules Verne
The Boy Hunters of KentuckyEdward Sylvester Ellis
The Boy PatriotEdward Sylvester Ellis
The Boy Patrol Around the Council FireEdward Sylvester Ellis
The Boy Patrol on GuardEdward Sylvester Ellis
The BrethrenH. Rider Haggard
The Campers OutEdward Sylvester Ellis
The Cave in the MountainEdward Sylvester Ellis
The Country of the BlindH.G. Wells
The English at the North PoleJules Verne
The Extra DayAlgernon Blackwood
The Field of IceJules Verne
The Firefly of FranceMarion Polk Angellotti
The Fur CountryJules Verne
The Further Adventures of Robinson CrusoeDaniel Defoe
The Gaunt Gray WolfDillon Wallace
The Ghost KingsH. Rider Haggard
The Ivory ChildH. Rider Haggard
The Ivory TrailTalbot Mundy
The Jungle FugitivesEdward Sylvester Ellis
The Lady of BlossholmeH. Rider Haggard
The Land of MysteryEdward Sylvester Ellis
The Launch Boys Adventures in Northern WatersEdward Sylvester Ellis
The Launch Boys Cruise in the DeerfootEdward Sylvester Ellis
The Life and Adventures of Robinson CrusoeDaniel Defoe
The Lion of PetraTalbot Mundy
The Lost WorldSir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Man Who Would Be KingRudyard Kipling
The Marriage of EstherGuy Boothby
The Master of BallantraeRobert Louis Stevenson
The Master of the WorldJules Verne
The Mysterious IslandJules Verne
The Open Boat and Other StoriesStephen Crane
The Pearl of LimaJules Verne
The People of the MistH. Rider Haggard
The Red Hand of UlsterGeorge A. Birmingham
The Return of TarzanEdgar Rice Burroughs
The Sea-HawkRafael Sabatini
The Sea-WolfJack London
The Secret of the IslandJules Verne
The Survivors of the ChancellorJules Verne
The Telegraph Messenger BoyEdward Sylvester Ellis
The Underground CityJules Verne
The Virgin of the SunH. Rider Haggard
The White DesertCourtney Ryley Cooper
The Wilderness CastawaysDillon Wallace
The WillowsAlgernon Blackwood
The Winds of the WorldTalbot Mundy
The WizardH. Rider Haggard
The WreckerRobert Louis Stevenson
Through Forest and FireEdward Sylvester Ellis
Ticket No 9672Jules Verne
Told in the EastTalbot Mundy
Topsy-TurvyJules Verne
Troop One of the LabradorDillon Wallace
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaJules Verne
Under the Great BearKirk Munroe
Under Two FlagsOuida
Ungava BobDillon Wallace
Up the Forked RiverEdward Sylvester Ellis
When the World ShookH. Rider Haggard
White FangJack London