Religion and Spirituality Non-fiction

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A Monk of FifeAndrew Lang
An Exhortation to Peace and UnityJohn Bunyan
An Introduction to YogaAnnie Besant
AvatarasAnnie Besant
Christian ScienceMark Twain
ChristianityAnnie Besant
Custom and MythAndrew Lang
Death - and AfterAnnie Besant
Esoteric ChristianityAnnie Besant
Europe and the FaithHilaire Belloc
Evolution of Life and FormAnnie Besant
God the Invisible KingH.G. Wells
Gold DustCharlotte Mary Yonge
Grace Abounding to the Chief of SinnersJohn Bunyan
HereticsG.K. Chesterton
In Tune with the InfiniteRalph Waldo Trine
Life and Death of Mr BadmanJohn Bunyan
Magic and ReligionAndrew Lang
Mans Redemption of ManWilliam Osler
Miscellaneous PiecesJohn Bunyan
Modern MythologyAndrew Lang
My Path to AtheismAnnie Besant
Myth Ritual and Religion Volume 1Andrew Lang
Myth Ritual and Religion Volume 2Andrew Lang
Old Testament LegendsM. R. James
OrthodoxyG.K. Chesterton
Prayers Written At Vailima and A Lowden Sabbath MornRobert Louis Stevenson
Religion and Art in Ancient GreeceErnest Arthur Gardner
Social OriginsAndrew Lang
The Basis of MoralityAnnie Besant
The Book of TeaKakuzo Okakura
The Chosen PeopleCharlotte Mary Yonge
The Christian CreedAnnie Besant
The Feast of St. FriendArnold Bennett
The Golden Bough A Study of Magic and ReligionJames George Frazer
The Heavenly FootmanJohn Bunyan
The Higher Powers of Mind and SpiritRalph Waldo Trine
The Holy War Made by King Shaddai Upon DiabolusJohn Bunyan
The Jerusalem Sinner SavedJohn Bunyan
The Making of ReligionAndrew Lang
The Mercy of AllahHilaire Belloc
The New JerusalemG.K. Chesterton
The New RevelationSir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Pharisee and the PublicanJohn Bunyan
The Pilgrims ProgressJohn Bunyan
The Secret of the TotemAndrew Lang
Thought-FormsAnnie Besant
Three Prayers and SermonsJonathan Swift
What All The Worlds A-SeekingRalph Waldo Trine