General Non-fiction

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A Christmas SermonRobert Louis Stevenson
A Dream of the North SeaJames Runciman
A Miscellany of MenG.K. Chesterton
A Vindication of the PressDaniel Defoe
Alarms and DiscursionsG.K. Chesterton
All Things ConsideredG.K. Chesterton
An Answer to a Question that Nobody thinks OfDaniel Defoe
An Englishman Looks at the WorldH.G. Wells
And What If The Pretender Should ComeDaniel Defoe
CourageJ. M. Barrie
Courts and CriminalsArthur Cheney Train
Creative UnityRabindranath Tagore
De ProfundisOscar Wilde
Editorial Wild OatsMark Twain
EssaysRobert Louis Stevenson
Essays and LecturesOscar Wilde
Essays and TalesJoseph Addison
Essays in LittleAndrew Lang
Essays on Paul BourgetMark Twain
Essays on TasteJohn Gilbert Cooper
First and LastHilaire Belloc
First and Last ThingsH.G. Wells
Fishing with a WormBliss Perry
Floor GamesH.G. Wells
From Wealth to PovertyAustin Potter
Glimpses of BengalRabindranath Tagore
Goat-FeathersEllis Parker Butler
Hair Breadth EscapesTimothy Shay Arthur
Heart of ManGeorge Edward Woodberry
Hills and the SeaHilaire Belloc
In Defence of Harriet ShelleyMark Twain
In the Name of the Bodleian and Other EssaysAugustine Birrell
Is the Bible IndictableAnnie Besant
London Lectures of 1907Annie Besant
Lost LeadersAndrew Lang
Method in the Study of TotemismAndrew Lang
Miscellaneous EssaysThomas de Quincey
MiscellaniesOscar Wilde
Miscellanies Upon Various SubjectsJohn Aubrey
My Lady NicotineJ. M. Barrie
Obiter DictaAugustine Birrell
Obiter Dicta Second SeriesAugustine Birrell
Of Captain MissionDaniel Defoe
On Nothing And Kindred SubjectsHilaire Belloc
On SomethingHilaire Belloc
Pot-BoilersClive Bell
Res JudicataeAugustine Birrell
Second Thoughts are BestDaniel Defoe
Side LightsJames Runciman
Some Private ViewsJames Payn
StickeenJohn Muir
The Americans In The South SeasLouis Becke
The Call Of The SouthLouis Becke
The ChequersJames Runciman
The Clyde MysteryAndrew Lang
The English Mail-Coach and Joan of ArcThomas de Quincey
The Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in ConnecticutMark Twain
The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson Volume 1Robert Louis Stevenson
The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson Volume 2Robert Louis Stevenson
The Roman QuestionEdmond About
The Romance of the CoastJames Runciman
The Shadow On The DialAmbrose Bierce
The South SeamanLouis Becke
Thoughts I Met on the HighwayRalph Waldo Trine
Thoughts on ManWilliam Godwin
Treatise on Parents and ChildrenGeorge Bernard Shaw
Tremendous TriflesG.K. Chesterton
True Stories of Crime From the District Attorney's OfficeArthur Cheney Train
Twelve TypesG.K. Chesterton
Utopia of UsurersG.K. Chesterton
Vailima LettersRobert Louis Stevenson
Varied TypesG.K. Chesterton
War and the FutureH.G. Wells
What is ComingH.G. Wells
Wings and the ChildE. Nesbit
Zones of the SpiritAugust Strindberg