Comedy and Humor Fiction

Comedy and humor fiction books are literary works that aim to make readers laugh, often through exaggerated situations, witty dialogue, and humorous characters. These books can take many forms, from satirical social commentary to slapstick farce.
A Bundle of LettersHenry James
A Damsel in DistressP.G. Wodehouse
A Little Traitor to the SouthCyrus Townsend Brady
A Man of MeansP.G. Wodehouse
A Midsummer Nights DreamWilliam Shakespeare
A Prefect's UncleP.G. Wodehouse
Ades FablesGeorge Ade
An Ideal HusbandOscar Wilde
Androcles and the LionGeorge Bernard Shaw
As You Like ItWilliam Shakespeare
Beggars BushFrancis Beaumont
Caesars WifeW. Somerset Maugham
Captains All and OthersWilliam Wymark Jacobs
Crotchet CastleThomas Love Peacock
Deep WatersWilliam Wymark Jacobs
EstherHenry Brooks Adams
Excuse MeRupert Hughes
Fables in SlangGeorge Ade
General John ReganGeorge A. Birmingham
Headlong HallThomas Love Peacock
Hobsons ChoiceHarold Brighouse
Idle Ideas in 1905Jerome K. Jerome
In Pastures NewGeorge Ade
Indiscretions of ArchieP.G. Wodehouse
Jill the RecklessP.G. Wodehouse
John Bulls Other IslandGeorge Bernard Shaw
Knocking the NeighborsGeorge Ade
Light FreightsWilliam Wymark Jacobs
Love Among the ChickensP.G. Wodehouse
Love's Labours LostWilliam Shakespeare
Many CargoesWilliam Wymark Jacobs
MikeP.G. Wodehouse
Mike and PsmithP.G. Wodehouse
More CargoesWilliam Wymark Jacobs
More FablesGeorge Ade
Mr. Pim Passes ByA.A. Milne
Much Ado about NothingWilliam Shakespeare
My Man JeevesP.G. Wodehouse
Night WatchesWilliam Wymark Jacobs
Piccadilly JimP.G. Wodehouse
Psmith in the CityP.G. Wodehouse
Psmith, JournalistP.G. Wodehouse
Right Ho, JeevesP.G. Wodehouse
Sailors KnotsWilliam Wymark Jacobs
SalthavenWilliam Wymark Jacobs
Sea UrchinsWilliam Wymark Jacobs
SeventeenBooth Tarkington
Ships CompanyWilliam Wymark Jacobs
Short CruisesWilliam Wymark Jacobs
Sketches in Lavender Blue and GreenJerome K. Jerome
Something NewP.G. Wodehouse
Tales of St. Austin'sP.G. Wodehouse
The Adventures of SallyP.G. Wodehouse
The AmbassadorsHenry James
The Brother of DaphneDornford Yates
The CircleW. Somerset Maugham
The Clicking of CuthbertP.G. Wodehouse
The Comedy of ErrorsWilliam Shakespeare
The Coming of BillP.G. Wodehouse
The Diary of a NobodyGeorge Grossmith
The EuropeansHenry James
The Gem CollectorP.G. Wodehouse
The Girl on the BoatP.G. Wodehouse
The Gold BatP.G. Wodehouse
The Hand of EthelbertaThomas Hardy
The Head of Kay'sP.G. Wodehouse
The History of Mr. PollyH.G. Wells
The Importance of Being EarnestOscar Wilde
The Intrusion of JimmyP.G. Wodehouse
The Lady of the BargeWilliam Wymark Jacobs
The Little NuggetP.G. Wodehouse
The Man UpstairsP.G. Wodehouse
The Merchant of VeniceWilliam Shakespeare
The Merry Wives of WindsorWilliam Shakespeare
The Noble LordPercival Wilde
The OutcryHenry James
The PothuntersP.G. Wodehouse
The Prince and BettyP.G. Wodehouse
The Princess Priscillas FortnightElizabeth von Arnim
The ReverberatorHenry James
The RomancersEdmond Rostand
The Scornful LadyFrancis Beaumont
The SeagullAnton Pavlovich Chekhov
The Second Thoughts of an Idle FellowJerome K. Jerome
The Skipper's WooingWilliam Wymark Jacobs
The Slim PrincessGeorge Ade
The Taming of the ShrewWilliam Shakespeare
The Wheels of ChanceH.G. Wells
The White FeatherP.G. Wodehouse
The Wrong BoxRobert Louis Stevenson
Three Men and a MaidP.G. Wodehouse
Three Men in a BoatJerome K. Jerome
Three Men on the BummelJerome K. Jerome
Tommy and Co.Jerome K. Jerome
Twelfth NightWilliam Shakespeare
Uneasy MoneyP.G. Wodehouse
VeraElizabeth von Arnim
William Tell Told AgainP.G. Wodehouse